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Our law practice is focused exclusively in the area of Family Law, so you can trust our legal team to have an advanced knowledge in all areas of Family Law. Every situation is different. Our Family Law Lawyers reach positive results by customizing their approach to the unique financial, emotional and legal needs of each client. This is both a focused approach – as well as a personalized one.

At GDE FAMILY LAW, our team is experienced dealing with the following Family Law matters:

Knowing your rights and obligations is the first step in figuring out how best to proceed when resolving any family dispute, or averting one. Whether your matter deals with drafting a prenuptial agreement to protect your assets, filing for divorce, negotiating child custody and support or resolving other potentially contentious family dispute issues, at GDE FAMILY LAW, we can help you to understand what your options are before you have to make any decisions.

Family Law is changing. There is a trend towards mediation over litigation and collaboration over advocacy. As the party directly affected, we believe that you are in the best position to decide what is right for you. At GDE FAMILY LAW, our most important role is to help you evaluate the options. If the facts in your case suggest a mediated resolution will benefit you and your family most, we will certainly recommend that you consider that option – and help you through the negotiation process. In the alternative, there are simply circumstances when the intervention of the Court is necessary to safeguard the preservation of property and assets, ensure personal safety or to make decisions when parties are not able to resolve matters on their own.

“We are both your guide and advocate to help you navigate this critical time…”

-Gary D. Ellis, Principal at GDE FAMILY LAW

At GDE FAMILY LAW, we are here to help you; and determine your best path forward. However, many times, there are time limitations that can impact your rights. In many family and divorce matters, time restrictions can play an critical role. If you do not apply to the Court for relief promptly, you may not be allowed to proceed at all. When you have a problem, find your solution as soon as possible. It is always safer to be certain. Call GDE FAMILY LAW today: 403-475-9525.