Why a Divorce Lawyer is an Important Part of Your Calgary Divorce

January 4, 2017

No one who gets married in Calgary plans on getting a divorce, yet divorce is precisely how 40% of Canadian marriages end. That means nearly half of all married individuals will find themselves going through one of the more arduous legal processes most people will ever face—and make no mistake, divorce is a serious legal process, with serious outcomes that can have a significant impact on your future.

Yet surprisingly, many individuals in Calgary don't take advantage of the benefits an experienced Calgary divorce lawyer can provide. Instead of seeking the expertise, advice, and assistance of a trained and educated legal professional, they go through the divorce process on their own. While everyone has this right, just you have the right to represent yourself against criminal charges and in other proceedings, virtually anyone familiar with how divorces work—or how any other serious legal proceeding works, for that matter—will recommend against it.

Here's why partnering with an experienced divorce lawyer is such a highly-recommended and important part of making a Calgary divorce as swift, successful, and low-stress as possible.

Your Calgary Divorce Lawyer is Your Advocate

Calgary judges and mediators (who oversee the Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR process in many Calgary divorces) are there to serve the law, not the individuals getting a divorce. Their job is to make sure things proceed in a manner in keeping with Canada's Divorce Act, and while this means they try to ensure fairness to a certain degree they are not necessarily looking out for your best interests. A divorce lawyer is there to be your advocate, ensuring that your rights and interests are being protected throughout your divorce.

An Experienced Divorce Lawyer Provides Useful Insight and Information

As mentioned above, a divorce is a serious legal proceeding. There are many complexities even in relatively simple divorce cases, and the average Calgary citizen simply will not be able to learn everything they need to about the law in order to represent themselves effectively. A divorce lawyer with experience working in the Calgary Courts, and who has gone through all of the legal complexities common to divorces many times, will be able to help you understand all of your options and make the choices that are right for your unique circumstances.

You Get More Time and Less Stress with a Calgary Divorce Lawyer by Your Side

Like most legal proceedings and other dealings with the government, divorces in Calgary require a lot of official paperwork and other boring yet important bureaucratic processes. When you try to handle your divorce on your own, you're adding all of this work to your plate at the same time you're trying to build your new life, and you still have your career and your other day-to-day obligations to take care of. A lawyer shoulders the burden for you, minimizing the disruption a divorce causes in your life.

Do yourself a favor, and contact an experienced Calgary divorce lawyer to help with your case today.

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