Top Ten Tips for Your Calgary Divorce: Part 1

July 21, 2016

No Calgary divorce is ever truly easy—even the most amicable separations carry some emotional strain and a few practical hurdles that have to be overcome. That doesn't mean your divorce has to be difficult, though, and no matter what the circumstances there are always some things you can do to make your divorce go more smoothly.

In the interests of helping everyone in Calgary protect their rights and ensure a happier future, here are ten top tips for handling your divorce, straight from one of Calgary's most experienced divorce lawyers. We hope you find them useful, and we're always here to answer any questions you may have.

1. Decide What's Best for YOU
The decision to file for a divorce isn't a simple one, we know. You may have children to consider, there are likely to be financial complications, and even if you feel like your marriage is toxic it's very common to experience feelings of guilt towards your spouse when you decide to seek a divorce.

Don't let these issues stop you from making the choice that's right for you!

Everyone wants a marriage to work, but if there's one thing I've learned in my years as a divorce lawyer it's that Calgary couples who postpone a divorce for these reasons only create more misery for themselves and those around them. Divorce isn't a tragedy. Feeling stuck in a marriage that isn't working is a tragedy. Inflicting that tragedy on yourself and your family isn't doing anyone any favors.

2. Contact a Calgary Divorce Lawyer
It's often wise to speak to a divorce lawyer even before you speak to your spouse, and definitely before you move out or begin trying to split bank accounts, property and other assets. Calgary's divorce laws can be complex, and your actions and statements can have consequences you aren't aware of.

An experienced Calgary divorce lawyer will be aware of the pitfalls and can help you steer clear, so call early.

3. List Valuable Assets/Property
As you're preparing to file for your divorce, or as soon as possible after you've filed, start making lists of all of the valuable property and assets you own. Make separate lists for your assets, their assets, and your shared assets. This will be useful for you and your divorce lawyer as you proceed.

4. Make Copies of Your Records
While making your lists, be sure to set aside a copies of bank statements, mortgage statements, investment reports, and other financial documents. These can be hard copies (paper) or digital copies; having both can provide extra security. Keep them organized and accessible, and don't rely on your ex-spouse's records—you need your own, in a place you know is safe.

5. Enter ADR With an Open Mind
Most Calgary divorces can be settled through Alternative Dispute Resolution rather than being fought out in the Calgary Courts. This process puts you and your ex-spouse, along with your divorce lawyers, in front of a neutral mediator who can help you reach a fair settlements. It is in your best interests to enter ADR with an open mind and an earnest attempt to come to a full divorce agreement there—it will save you time, money, and stress.

Continue to Part 2 of this article for more tips, or contact a Calgary divorce lawyer today to discuss your individual divorce.

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