The Surprising Most Common Cause of Calgary Divorces

March 8, 2016

At GDE Family Law, one of Calgary's leading family law and divorce law firms, we see clients going through the divorce process for a number of reasons. While the decision to divorce is never easy emotionally, you might be surprised to learn that many divorces aren't the result of a sudden change or upheaval, and in fact the most common cause for divorces worldwide is much more simple.

Understanding why divorces occur won't really change the legal process of obtaining your own divorce, but knowing that there are many others in a similar situation can ease some of the stress and negativity you might be experiencing. And according to [one study in the UK] the most common reason for divorce is something many people find quite surprising, even when they've experienced it themselves.

Many Calgary Couples Simply Drift Apart

Though the study was conducted in the UK, its results are loosely applicable to Calgary and the rest of the Western world, where infidelity—romantic/sexual relationships outside of a marriage—has long been a leading cause of divorce. While about a quarter of divorces were sought after an incident (or incidents) of infidelity, another cause for divorce surpassed this to cause 27% of all divorces.

Married couples are simply falling out of love and growing apart.

There doesn't need to be any traumatic breach of trust or significant behavioural issue to lead to dissatisfaction in a marriage. Many people change as the years and decades go by, and as people change what they like and love—and who likes and loves them—can also change. As divorce became more acceptable in modern society, and as individual happiness was seen as more important than a sense of duty to maintain an unhappy marriage, the idea that people could simply grow apart has become a more accepted, and a more "acceptable" cause of divorce.

This doesn't mean that divorces are happy occasions, of course, but the fact that more and more couples are acknowledging that they just aren't as happy together as they wanted to be is actually encouraging. It means fewer people are resigning themselves to partnerships that have run their course and are no longer fulfilling, and it improves the chances for amicable divorces that lead to happier and more productive lives for everyone involved.

Divorce might not be a "good" thing, but it's certainly preferable to staying in a relationship where love, interest, and excitement are no longer part of the equation. Sometimes people are simply ready to move on, and society is finally coming to accept this reality. Fortunately, the law allows for it, too.

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