How Long Does a Divorce Take in Calgary?

June 15, 2016

At GDE Family Law, one of Calgary's leading family law and divorce law firms, we're committed to providing the best possible information not just to our clients, but to everyone in the greater Calgary area who is getting or considering a divorce. Some questions, however, have easier answers than others. While we can explain certain legal concepts and common stages of the Calgary divorce process, we can't make predictions about any particular divorce.

This includes answering the very common question, "How long will my divorce take?".

The truth is, there are many factors that can influence the time it takes to complete a divorce process in Calgary. The Court schedule is one factor to consider.It can also take time to properly identify and account for all of the assets and liabilities that pertain to a divorce, and if there are children involved it may take time for the Court to assess what's in their best interests.

The biggest factor in determining the length of a Calgary divorce proceeding, though, are the two parties directly involved in the divorce itself.

A Calgary Divorce Requires a Final Agreement

Whether you and your ex-spouse are able to reach an agreement regarding your assets, your children, and any ongoing support without a judge's intervention, or if you need the Calgary Courts to sort out an agreement for you, your Calgary divorce will not be final until such an agreement is in place. The Courts will not let a divorce stretch out indefinitely, but if your ex-spouse is uncooperative the process can and likely will take longer. If multiple hearings are required to sort out key issues, a divorce timeline of a year or greater is not unheard of.

If you and your ex-spouse are able to negotiate outside of the Court system to formalize your divorce settlement, filing the necessary paperwork with the Court and having the divorce legally granted tends to be a relatively straightforward process. It is when the two individuals involved in the divorce are not in agreement about key issues that divorces can become more drawn out affairs. When the Court has to make a determination on assets, custody, support, and so forth, there may be several hearings required, and the Court may take a great deal of time investigating and making rulings.

Contact a Calgary Divorce Lawyers About YOUR Unique Case

If you have questions about your specific divorce case, your best bet is contacting an experienced Calgary divorce lawyer to sit down and discuss the details of your situation. To schedule an appointment with a member of the GDE Family Law team, please contact our office today.

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