How a Calgary Divorce Lawyer Can Help: Part 1

March 14, 2016

Divorces are never easy. Even when a Calgary couple has come to the mutual decision that ending their marriage is in everyone's best interests, there is bound to be some amount of emotional upheaval, and in most cases there are financial and legal complications, as well. Even in the most amicable of divorces, if there are any significant assets or any children involved, having a lawyer to work specifically as your advocate can be very important.

Yet for all of the importance of Calgary divorce lawyers to the divorce process, many people in Calgary have misconceptions about what a divorce lawyer's role is and what they can do to help their clients during a divorce. Many see the divorce process as purely adversarial, with one spouse pitted against the other, and believe that each spouse has a lawyer to do the fighting for them and win them the best prize possible.

This is not an accurate view.

As part of our commitment to informing the public here at GDE Family Law—one of Calgary's leading family law and divorce law firms—we've decided to publish this article explaining some of the benefits of working with a knowledgeable and experienced Calgary divorce lawyer. It is our hope that this will help our clients and everyone in Calgary considering or going through a divorce better understand the process as a whole, their divorce lawyer's role, and the partnership that exists between a client and a divorce lawyer here in Calgary.

Calgary Divorce Lawyers Provide Detailed Knowledge

A lawyer's key role in any situation—including a divorce lawyer's role during a divorce before the Calgary courts—is to provide knowledge and experience that the general public doesn't have. While everyone probably understands what "spousal support" is and knows that financial assets can be split between spouses during a divorce, the rules and guidelines by which these things are established are often more nebulous to Calgary's citizens.

Similarly, what the law considers important or relevant in a divorce often doesn't align with what an individual feels is important or relevant, especially during the heightened and turbulent emotions that  may  accompany a divorce. Separating the emotional attachment to something considered significant from true legal significance (or insignificance) is difficult for many going through a divorce, and a Calgary divorce lawyer can help navigate those waters.

Your lawyer is there to help you understand the black and white—as well as the gray areas—of the law, setting practical goals and realistic expectations and assisting clients in achieving these realities. Knowledge of the law, of court procedure, of the paperwork that needs to be filed and the way to respond to filings made by your spouse/their lawyer all help to move your divorce case forward in a way that reflects your best interests, at a time in your life when your lack of experience and your emotions would make it difficult for you to do the same.

Contact a Calgary Divorce Lawyer Today

Bringing the necessary knowledge to the table is just the first way your Calgary divorce lawyer can help; for more, click over to [Part Two] () of this article. In the meantime, if you have specific questions about your divorce and would like to speak to an experienced, compassionate Calgary divorce lawyer, please contact our office today.


This entry was posted on March 14, 2016

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