Child Custody in Calgary Divorce Cases: Part 3

February 12, 2016

No Calgary divorce is easy, emotionally speaking, and divorces that involve children are even more upsetting. While ending an unhappy marriage is ultimately in everyone's best interests, the short-term uncertainties and the managing and coordinating of two households instead of one can make the custody aspect of divorces involving children especially worrisome.

At GDE Family Law, one of Calgary's premier divorce and family law firms, we believe that the more information you have, the more in control you can be and the less stressful your divorce will seem. We publish articles like this one to give everyone in Calgary who is going through or considering a divorce the opportunity to better inform themselves, enabling them to work more closely and effectively with their lawyer. Of course, general information on a website such as this can't be used to answer specific questions or address specific concerns regarding your case, so we urge to to speak with your Calgary divorce lawyer about your unique situation.

In the first two parts of this article, you learned that the primary consideration of the Calgary Courts when establishing custody and access or "visitation" is the best interests of the child. In most cases, this means ensuring that both parents maintain an active role in their children's lives following a divorce, though again every case is unique. You also learned that the Divorce Act governs custody arrangements in marriages, while the Family Law Act applies to the children of couples in common law relationships.

In this article, we'll look at child support and how that relates to child custody in Calgary divorces. Again, because every case is unique this information may not apply to your individual case, but it will provide a basic understanding of how child support works in a typical divorce.

Child Support in Calgary Divorces

Parental custody and parental responsibility are two different things; the custody agreement between you and your spouse—or the arrangement established by a Calgary judge—determines who the child(ren) will live with and who will be providing their day-to-day care, but whether one parent is warded greater or sole custody or if both share custody equally, both parents remain equally responsible for ensuring their children are provided for.

This means that you or your spouse can be required to pay child support regardless of the custody arrangement. In cases where one parent assumes primary custody, that parent will often receive support payments from the parent with only limited custody or access in order to balance the costs of clothes, food, shelter, and so on, but this is by no means a hard and fast rule.

A variety of factors, from each parent's income to the split of property and assets to other specifics of your situation, can affect child support decrees in the Calgary Courts.

Contact a Calgary Divorce Lawyer with Your Child Support Questions

If you have questions regarding child support or child custody in your pending or possible divorce, please contact the Calgary divorce lawyers at GDE Family Law to discuss your case.

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