Before You Begin Your Calgary Divorce: Part 2

September 14, 2016

Most divorces begin long before the first piece of paperwork is filed with the Calgary Court. Not only did you probably put a great deal of thought into the decision that your marriage was over, but now that you've made the decision there are certain steps you should likely take before you begin the official divorce process.

In Part 1 of this article, you learned that it's important to seek out an experienced Calgary divorce lawyer before you do anything else. The steps you take when preparing to file for a divorce can have a significant impact on the outcome of your divorce, and a lawyer's advice is invaluable even at this early stage.

Part 1 also explained the importance of getting a solid understanding of your financial position, and of deciding what your goals are regarding custody if you have children. Knowing where you stand know and where you would like to be when your divorce is final will help you and your divorce lawyer make effective plans.

Here are a few more things you should consider before you begin the official divorce process.

5. Determine Your Living Situation
It can be difficult for you to share a home with your ex-spouse, but you shouldn't move out on your own before discussing it. Talk to your Calgary divorce lawyer, and develop a plan for other living arrangements with their input.

6. Build Support with Friends and Family
By the time you've decided to file for a divorce, there may already be friends and family members who know about some of the problems in your marriage. Make sure you have a network of people who can provide emotional support for you; simply having someone to talk to can make the divorce process much easier for many.

7. Start Planning for Your Post-Divorce Future
Having a clear goal in sight can help you get through your divorce no matter how stressful it may feel in certain moments. Know what you want in your career, your home, and your life that you don't have now, and let your divorce be the start of your path to that achievement rather than just the end of your marriage.

To partner with a dedicated Calgary divorce lawyer who will give you the best possible chance at the future you deserve, please contact our office today.

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