Applying for an Uncontested Divorce in Calgary: Part 1

June 20, 2016

GDE Family Law is a leading Calgary family law and divorce law firm, with a commitment to providing the people of Calgary with the best possible legal information. Better information means better decisions and greater control over your divorce, and we think that information is important even before you start the official divorce process. We produce this blog as a means of giving Calgary's citizens the insights they need when considering a divorce, so they know what to expect as the process moves forward.

Many of our clients have heard the term "uncontested divorce," and there's no doubt that the prospect is an appealing one. A divorce without any contention, where everything is settled and a judge in the Calgary Court essentially "signs off" on a prearranged agreement does sound much simpler than what most people typically imagine as a divorce proceeding, and in cases where an uncontested divorce can be achieved it is often in each individual's best interests to proceed down that route.

Before you start looking at the forms involved in applying for a divorce, though, there are a few things to consider.

Is An Uncontested Divorce Right for You?

If you and your spouse don't have any dependents, don't own any property together, and don't share any other assets, and if you both agree that you can simply part ways without any support or other ongoing financial ties, an uncontested divorce might be the right choice. If any of these factors apply to your divorce, though, you shouldn't allow yourself to be pressured into agreements simply for the ease of an "uncontested" divorce—a hasty agreement can mean significant long-term hardships.

You Can Still Partner With a Calgary Divorce Lawyer On an Uncontested Divorce

If there are complicating factors in your divorce, but you still feel like an uncontested divorce would be the easiest route, you are fully within your rights to spouse with an experienced Calgary divorce lawyer. This is often in your best interest, as it will provide you with a second set of eyes and greater knowledge in terms of the law and what a fair divorce settlement would be.

If you own property or share significant financial accounts with your spouse, if there is a significant income difference between the two of you, and/or if there are any children involved in your divorce, we strongly recommend that you contact a Calgary divorce lawyer before committing to an uncontested divorce.

Contact a Calgary Divorce Lawyer Today

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