A Lawyer's Answers to Four Common Calgary Divorce Questions

August 4, 2016

As one of Calgary's leading family law and divorce law firms, we here at GDE Family Law are always ready to answer questions for our clients and anyone else in Calgary who is going through a divorce. We also know from experience that many people have the same concerns and ask the same questions, and we picked four of the most common to provide answers to here.

Can my spouse prevent me from getting a divorce?
The short answer is "no." No one needs anyone else's permission to get divorced in Calgary—if you know that ending your marriage is the right thing for you to do, then you can do it. There are certain documents your ex-spouse will need to sign to finalize your divorce, but if they refuse there are still ways to get the necessary approval from the Calgary Court.

How long does a divorce take in Calgary?
This question doesn't have a simple answer. A simple divorce that does not involve contested assets or ongoing support arrangements, and where both individuals agree to the divorce, can be finalized within a matter of months. Even a more complex divorce that goes through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) can be finalized in six months or less, if both parties to the divorce are earnest in working towards a fair settlements. If an emergent Divorce is required, there are ways to get the necessary approval from the Calgary Court.

Divorces with hotly contested property, custody, and other details can take longer. Working with a Calgary divorce lawyer can help your divorce progress as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Will I be able to keep my Calgary home?
Again, there isn't an easy answer to this question—it's very specific to your situation. A number of factors, including when the home was purchased (before or after your marriage started), whether or not children live in the home, whether or not you can afford to assume the full cost of a mortgage and/or use other assets to "buy out" your ex-spouse's half of the home, etc.

This common question is one you'll need to discuss with your dedicated Calgary divorce lawyer.

Can my Calgary divorce lawyer assist me in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)?
Yes! Some Calgary divorces take place through Alternative Dispute Resolution, where the two parties to the divorce meet with a neutral mediator to discuss each asset and all other terms of the divorce. You are always entitled to have an advocate on your side.

An experienced Calgary divorce lawyer will help ensure you get a fair settlements and the best possible start in your new life through Alternative Dispute Resolution—and, when necessary, through a courtroom divorce. To speak with a divorce lawyer today, please contact our office.

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