A Calgary Divorce Lawyer Explains Mediation or Alternative Dispute Resolution

March 29, 2017

Many of our clients here at GDE Family Law, one of Calgary's premier family and divorce law firms, are surprised when they learn that most Calgary divorces aren't settled in Court in front of a judge. Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR—also sometimes referred to as mediation—is a highly effective process used to reach fair and equitable settlements in many Calgary divorces. Your rights and interests are still protected in this process, and it's often much faster, less stressful, and more affordable than the in-Court divorce proceeding you may be imagining.

If you're wondering how Alternative Dispute Resolution or mediation works, read on. For answers to specific questions pertaining to your unique situation, please contact our office and schedule an appointment with one of our dedicated Calgary divorce lawyers today.

Mediation is an Easier Route to a Settlement in Calgary Divorces

When you and your ex-spouse use Alternative Dispute Resolution or mediation to settle your divorce, you can often avoid a lot of acrimony and argument. Instead of approaching your divorce as a battle to be fought out in court, the mediation/ADR process encourages you to approach your divorce with an open mind and the goal of an efficient and fair result that treats everyone with respect.

In place of a judge, a licensed mediator will preside over the ADR process, and will work with everyone involved to come to a fair settlement and resolve any specific disputes that arise along the way. You can still have a trusted and experienced Calgary divorce lawyer by your side to support you and protect your rights and interests—in fact, both parties to any divorce in Calgary are encouraged to have their own legal representative in the ADR process.

You won't be on your own, and you won't be pressured into taking an unfair deal in the interests of speeding things along. In fact, if both parties to a divorce are able to approach mediation in good faith and with a realistic understanding of what is fair, the settlement you'll receive from the ADR process is often the same as what you would likely receive from a judge in a Calgary Court—except the settlement will be reached much sooner in most cases, and will also typically have lower legal and court fees and a better start for your future.

Your final divorce agreement is still approved by a judge and filed with the Calgary Court, and if you attempt mediation but find it impossible to resolve certain disputes with your ex-spouse you can always opt for a courtroom divorce instead. With these provisions and an experienced lawyer offering advice and advocacy throughout the process, ADR is frequently the ideal way serve your interests and achieve a fair and speedy divorce.

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